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“ I help disconnected and courageous women to live a heart centred and intuitive life to overcome lack, anxiety and fear “

Esther Fernández, Presence Coach

Hi, I am Esther

Hi. I am Esther, a recovering perfectionist that has become a “Presence Coach”

I am also a Life and Executive Coach, and an accredited member of the World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience (WACN WIN), with +20 years experience in the corporate world.



"Esther has an amazing way of making you self reflect and realise things about yourself you never knew. I was very new to any type of mindfulness / self acceptance workshop, but had been curious to try. She does this at such ease and fun and most of all in a confidential , professional and safe environment. It has started me on a path of self-awareness and acceptance, realising what I truly value and expect from others. It makes you realise what you have to focus on or change to lead a more fulfilled life. I cannot wait to continue on this journey and do another course with her. I cannot recommend Coaching with Esther highly enough as it truly helps you develop a more self-accepting, positive, happier outlook on life! "

Sarah O'Reilly

"I have worked with Esther on my career goals. She is very conscientious person with amazing listening skills. She gave me a lot of space so I could come to my awareness and found the best solutions. She is truly passionate about coaching and trusts her clients that they are powerful enough to find their own answers. I highly recommend her services anyone who is looking to accomplish their goals both in life or career."

Ivana Lendakova

"I worked with Esther for 2 months on some specific goals and I was delighted with the experience. Esther is calm, supportive and also challenged me. I was especially please with how Esther helped me with the area of purpose in my start up business, this has given me a lot of clarity to move forward. Esther is warm, friendly and a pleasure to work with, highly recommended!"

James Dean

"Esther is a genuine, kind and compassionate person with a true interest and passion for all that she does."

Karen O'Leary

"I worked with Esther over a two month period. Esther was great to work with; she is insightful, direct and respectful. When I started working with Esther there were a few areas in my life, both work and personal that I was not happy with and could never manage to feel good about. Esther helped me define what my values are and then it was so much easier to make goals and stick to them. 4 months on and I am still following through on the plans I made with Esther's help. I feel so much more confident about the direction that my life is going in and the decisions I make. I would highly recommend coaching with Esther. "

Karen Fitz

"Esther is a very kind, connected and intuitive person which are great skills for a coach. She is a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend her services to anybody looking to upgrade their life and their belief system."

Sara de Miguel Hernández

"For so long there was an area of my life where I was stuck (and also did not want to look at) but knew that I also needed to address it. Esther helped me to look at the situation in a different light. While she was challenging she was also incredibly supportive and gentle in her approach and really listened to what I was saying. Having dealt with this area I now feel empowered and ready to take on the world as I hadn't realised what a drain it had been on my energy. Esther really is a wonderful coach and I cannot recommend her highly enough. "

Áine L

"Esther is a wonderful, honest and professional coach. She has an amazing ability to help clients find their own solutions and access their own potential. Having had four sessions with Esther I found her to be professional and importantly, she had a deep and genuine interest in me as an individual. Furthermore, Esther has the patience of a saint. She never hurries you but waits patiently for you to come to a deeper understanding of your own issues. Esther never 'tells you' but rather gently uses probing questions for you to come to your own answers. Overall, I would highly recommend Esther as a Life Coach."

Margaret Murphy

"I had for a long time tried to figure out what I needed to focus on to give me the rewards and benefits I desired at an individual level took the guidance of a brilliant coach. Esther gave me the space and the tools that are now part of my daily thinking and mindset. I would highly recommend Esther if you are having difficulty with trying to move your life forward in a positive way or trying to gain clarity on what you want to do or understand the impact of a decision you are about to undertake, then Esther is the coach for you. Powerful coaching from Esther helped me gain the results I wanted to work towards."

Gillian Kierans

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