Allow your body to expand with every breath you take in, and to soften into that space with every exhale you take out

We are not only what we eat. We are also what we think and feel








Nuestros propósitos no son estáticos

There is only NOW


You don't need time

Observe your thoughts and emotions

You are not your thoughts

You are not your emotions

But the observer behind them

Commit to the present moment. That is enough

Stay with what is and prepare for what it will be

Authenticity is a practice

Follow your intuition, not your emotions

Gnóthi seautón (Know Thyself)

The quality of your life is a reflection of the quality of your actions

Everything is already here

Joy is my internal gps. What's yours?

Life gives us what we are

La vida nos da lo que somos

It is always the little things...

Coaching is about YOU

Creativity and curiosity make us more human

Cuando persigues un sueño, la vida provee

Creativity is born in the silence of the present moment

Be your best friend

Nothing can hurt the true self

Be present

Complaining is draining; turn it into gratitude

Enjoy beauty

Me quedo con quien me suma

Ask questions, be curious

Say "yes" to more things

Protect your energy

To blog or not to blog ...

It is all about energy

Positive Mindsets

Body, mind and spirit

The importance of the little things ...

La importancia de las pequeñas cosas ...

Trust your intuition

Confía en tu intuición

Dream BIG

Sueña a lo grande

What do you do to unclutter your mind?

Carry the light

What story are you telling yourself?

Be curious

Never stop learning

I fail but I am not a failure

My words create my reality





Ama lo que haces

Love what you do

Sé la luz

Be the light

How many "Alter Egos" do you have?

You are NOT your thoughts

You are NOT your emotions

Vitamin Sea

Be your best friend

More WHATs and less WHYs


Reach for the STARS

I am here

I am rooted

I hold my ground

I feel good

I deserve good

I listen to my feelings

I have courage

I follow my will

I have no fear

I love

I am loved

I am worthy of love

I speak my truth

I listen deeply

I am creative

I have clarity

I listen to my intuition

I have imagination and dreams

I am aware

I am conscious

I am connected



What you do to yourself, you do it to others

What you do to others, you do it to yourself

My values are my ROCKS

Change happens from the inside out

Las cosas no tienen que ser perfectas para simplemente SER

Things do not need to be perfect to just BE

Negative thoughts are NOT true

Energy is the glue that connects us all


Have FUN

What would you do if you had no fear?


Be the most beautiful YOU

It is not WHAT you do... but HOW you do it

Trust Life

What do you talk to people about?

Be Grateful

Magic in life happens when there is abundance. Never in scarcity

The Universe responds to your frequency

Stay with your pain and see what it has to teach you. Breath once more...

Do not understimate the power of NOW

My definition of success is to live with a joyful heart

What's yours?

Keep Breathing

True love needs boundaries

Heart over Head

The person that doesn't make mistakes, doesn't make anything

Courage is the needed strenght for self-compassion

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